Sergio Lub Meaning Full Jewelry

Their red metal is Pure Copper. It is free of lead, mercury or other contaminants that are common in industrial grade
copper wires. Copper is one of the friendliest elements as it combines with many others. To find copper this pure in
nature is far more difficult than finding pure gold. Science has already proven that copper is essential for our health
and is absorbed through the skin, so besides their beauty, our bracelets can also be considered a time-release.

Their yellow metal is Jeweler's Brass, also known as new gold because of its color and for not tarnishing with water.
Jewelers brass is an alloy of 85% pure copper and pure zinc, both essential minerals, meaning that our bodies must
have them in order to remain healthy. Brass and copper have been worn by many different cultures since prehistoric

Their white metal is German Silver, an alloy of 65% copper plus zinc, nickel and silver often used in making white
gold.  German silver is harder than sterling silver, it got its name from being used first in the German Kaiser's
Fine American Craft